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This summer, AcadCamp is excited to offer “Traveling around the world in 38 days’! AcadeCampers will explore traveling around the world this summer in STEAM!

Campers will also enjoy the Athletik programme, focusing on various independent and group sports skills each week.  Activities will be delivered in a bilingual format.

Schedule and Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: June 24-June 28 (5 days)


  • Week 2: July 2-July 5 (4 days)


  • Week 3: July 8-July 12


  • Week 4: July 15-July 19


  • Week 5: July 22-July 26


  • Week 6: July 29-August 2


  • Week 7: August 6-August 9 (4 days)


  • WEEK 8: August 12-August 16


Week 1: June 24 – June 28 WORLD MAPS & ORIENTEERING

Discover places and spaces on earth through mapping and orienteering! Campers will develop the ability to read, utilize and create  maps from around the world and across time. Through diverse activities such as outdoor orienteering games, campers will engage with  the elements of cartography. They will practice moving north, south, east, and west and use cardinal directions to read a map. They will  map the camp space, and places in the park, measure distances and explore maps as miniatures versions of places. Through learning  mapping skills, they will deepen their understanding of local, national and international geography and history. Campers will learn  about indigenous map-making and how it relates to re-indigenizing the land. Maps will provide them with an interesting lens to explore  the history of the world and its people. By the end of this week, campers will be expert map-makers and readers!

Week 2: July 2-July 5 (4 days) CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS

From crafting diverse artworks inspired by global traditions to dancing to the beats of different cultures, creating harmonies in  multicultural music sessions, and listening to rich stories, this week is a celebration of artistic creativity and diversity. Through  interactive workshops, performances, and hands-on activities, young artists will explore the vibrant world of cultural expressions  and traditions. Join us for a week of designing and creating your own music instrument, dance choreography, custom puppets, and  more; the creative possibilities are endless.


Set out on an adventure of eco-exploration, and discover the wonders of our planet’s ecosystems. From exploring lush rainforests  to uncovering the mysteries of deserts, diving into the depths of oceans, and understanding renewable energy and sustainable  practices, campers will learn to become environmental superheroes. Through hands-on experiments, eco-friendly crafts, and nature  exploration, the young budding environmentalists will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life on Earth. Campers will strive to innovate a solution to a sustainability issue of their choice to share at the end of the week.

Week 4: July 15-July 18 CITIES & HOUSES

Join us as we journey around the world, one city and house at a time! Traveling through bustling metropolises and quaint villages,  young architects and engineers will discover unique cities, houses and lifestyles that shape communities worldwide. They will  create different structures using various materials and test them against the forces such as a tower of sticks during an earthquake,  or a dome of newspaper rolls during a tornado. From designing futuristic cityscapes to building different structures and testing out  the physics, campers will explore the forces and the science behind mind boggling structures.

Week 5: July 22-July 26 PLAY: GAMES & TOYS

Come play with us! Get hooked on the appealing world of play and games from every corner of the globe. From mastering  traditional board games to crafting unique toys, playing cherished historical games and national sports, our campers will  embark on a journey that transcends borders. Engaging activities, interactive workshops, and collaborative play sessions  will not only foster a love of play and games but also promote cultural understanding and teamwork. Why not design an  award-winning board game or toy?

Week 6: July 29-August 2  MATH & SCIENCE

Open your mind to the diversity of math approaches as well as the scientific and technological innovations from different cultures.  From ancient mathematical puzzles, to scientific discoveries and mysteries, to learning to code Dash Bots, our campers will develop  a love of solving problems, critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. Campers will be challenged daily with a manifold of  stimulating individual and team-based math and science activities to conquer. It is a week of global exploration, math and scientific  knowledge and problem-solving empowering our campers to design and innovate to their heart’s content.

Week 7: August 6-August 9 (4 days) MOTION PICTURES

Calling all cinephiles! Grab your popcorn and snacks as we plunge into the creative world of storytelling around the world via filmmaking.  Campers will view snippets of films and shows from around the world to reenact and enjoy. Through tailored activities, they will engage  with the details of production, script-writing, set-making, visual effects, camera angles, and more. As directors they will craft their own  mini-movies inspired by different cultures and trends. Welcome to the world of filmmaking. Lights, camera, action!

Week 8: August 12-August 16 ARCHEOLOGY

Step back in time and explore the wonders of ancient civilizations, the people and the clues they left behind! Transform into an  archeologist to uncover the events and accomplishments that shaped the civilizations, from the majestic Mayan temples to the  impressive architecture of Babylonia. They will discover the science and art of archeology and find out what it takes to dig up the  past and preserve the artifacts by recreating an archeological site. This week they will travel the world on an unforgettable  adventure fostering a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and past achievements!

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