AcadeCoders 2015 Blog + Minecraft EDU (Week 1)

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AcadeCoders 2015 Blog

Welcome to the AcadeCoders 2015 Blog! This blog will showcase all of the campers coding activities, challenges, and outdoor play! This blog will be updated daily so parents and campers can view and reflect what was done that day.


Week 1 (June 29th-July 3rd, 2015): Minecraft EDU Medieval Theme

The basis of this week’s theme is to introduce campers to medieval themes and challenges. The campers are being split into two teams, where they will face various challenges and games to build the best possible kingdom before they raid each other!


DAY 1 (Monday June 29th, 2015)

After the campers were introduced to Academie de la Capitale’s AcadeCoder program and went through a jiu-jitsu session with instructor Phil of K2 Martial Arts, the campers began to log into MinecraftEDU and crafting their kingdoms. The morning challenge for campers was to work as a team and start outlining how they want to build their kingdom and create the base.


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After a wholesome lunch, the campers spent part of the afternoon outside at Morrison Park, enjoying the nice weather. Campers had options of playing badminton, frisbee, basketball, or socializing and playing on the play structure.

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11692837_10206388911302547_1290681212_n                                11713615_10206388911462551_1059468741_n 11666949_10206388911182544_608008251_n


After outdoor activities and play, the campers came back in to start building their kingdom. Each team finished planning and began to build their structures and castles. Several campers used different methods and designs, from creating large bordering walls and towers, to lava filled pools.

11052030_10206389016745183_3084474303505705280_o 11312760_10206389016425175_7152760201775096103_o



11537608_10206389016265171_6236911271555159208_o 11707730_10206389016385174_5564174591669998908_o





DAY 2 (Tuesday June 30th, 2015)

After the campers were logged into their MinecraftEDU account, each of the two teams was given extra time to finish their general outline of their kingdom design. This is where campers looked to outline the size of their kingdom, how the structure will look like, specifics in terms of what is needed, and gathering all the material within the MinecraftEDU world to design the best kingdom possible.


11122481_10206390385979413_1584682626_n  11053504_10206390573544102_9131394111725500816_o


11653300_10206390385699406_313114294_n 11537881_10206390573504101_6146306431443458702_o


After their snack break, the campers were directed to start building the large structural portions of their kingdoms. This includes the fine details of the castle, outlining different parts of the kingdom where other items or livestock is stored, and any other essentials the campers wanted to place.

10003572_10206390572984088_2022841384850263979_o  10505171_10206390573744107_8086117355152021670_o


11698796_10206390573064090_7946174895743067771_o 11337015_10206390573104091_3632263021049262017_o


After lunch, the campers took to Morrison Park to take their eyes off the screen and enjoy the great weather. As campers are learning to develop their creative, building, and coding skills within MinecraftEDU, it is essential for them to have a break and be physically active. Campers have options to what they want to do to be active, from playing classic playground games of  tag and manhunt to sports such as tennis, frisbee, badminton, and more!

11655254_10207256625836559_2012220049_n                                      11692822_10206390385459400_602392185_n 11713635_10207256620036414_254135621_n 11714342_10207256626716581_1019157386_n



After outdoor activities and snack, the campers were back at designing their team’s kingdoms. Their afternoon task was to continue to create several necessary additions to their lands, such as towers, housing, moats, and large borders to protect their kingdom. It is great seeing how campers can find limitless creativity to their kingdom while taking into account for functionality and protection of their castles.


11657489_10206390386499426_11056945_n 11010314_10206390573464100_8579123594236242205_o



11657430_10206390386939437_880408421_n 11417766_10206390573384098_8305449826137342278_o (1)


11696823_10206390386219419_1285515024_n 11658920_10207273173730246_131305072_o





DAY 3 (Wednesday July 1st, 2015)


AcadeCoders and Academie de la Capitale wish all campers and parents a safe and fun Canda Day!



DAY 4 (Thursday July 2nd, 2015)

After the campers logged into their MinecraftEDU accounts with their choice gamer tag, campers spent the first half of the morning finishing their border and general structural designs to their kingdoms. This includes adding more towers, building larger walls, collecting more resources, and personalizing their castles to their own personal taste.






After snack, the campers were instructed to finish up their final outlines of their kingdoms and expand their creativity to build additions based on their own personal creativity. These additions can be anything, from towers in the shape of horses, lava filled pools, to structures of their favourite icons.

11664127_10207273174610268_375146575_o 11666006_10207273175650294_715707229_o


11714968_10207273175010278_150370629_o 11664834_10207273175170282_1758427998_o



All kingdoms and their empires need warriors! After lunch and outdoor activities, the campers and their team were assigned to start making their army full of warriors to protect and defend their kingdoms. Campers could design their army by various skins and adding various types of armor made from silver or gold; in addition to weaponry. Campers had to build and strategize the placement of their army while increasing their kingdom size.

11715115_10207284285088023_1219481548_o 11720321_10207284519093873_1223153347_o


11701343_10207284520013896_1849621582_o 11660242_10207284284848017_587550525_o




DAY 5 (Friday July 3rd, 2015)

Last day of AcadeCoder’s MinecraftEDU camp! What a great week it has been to teach and see all campers improve their coding and creativity within MinecraftEDU. All campers worked hard within their teams to design their kingdoms, pushed to their limits of creativity, and finally sought to the day of raiding!

After each camper logged into their MinecraftEDU account, they had the morning to improve their kingdoms in anyway possible. This meant that campers could use certain types of material for their infrastructures to provide more protection and stability, expand their army, and any last minute preparations before the raid.

11121123_10207284292488208_563337169_n 11720241_10207284287768090_180502943_o

898937_10207284518253852_994904850_o 11667056_10207284072402706_1235301901_n



After lunch, the campers took to their last day of outdoor activities! It was great seeing campers who enjoyed and found a balance between spending time on the computer and being physically active. Campers played various outdoor games of tag, manhunt, tennis, soccer, and more. All campers enjoyed being outside and the constant bonding and socializing.







After outdoor activities, the campers took to the last challenge of the medieval theme of MinecraftEDU; the raid! In this challenge, all campers were placed in their world of creative mode to survival mode. This meant that they could raid each other’s kingdoms to prove which kingdom and army is the strongest and most powerful. Their success reflected on all their hard work and creativity this week.







































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