AcadeCoders 2023

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This summer, AcadeCODERS is a coding and robotics camp and are excited to offer: stop motion animation, lego spike robotics, bloxels 2D video game design, 3D printing with Tinkerpad, java script app building and hackathon.

Campers will also enjoy the Athletik programme, focusing on various independent and group sports skills each week.  Activities will be delivered in a bilingual format.


Schedule and Weekly Themes

  • Week 1:  July 4-July 7 (4 Days)


  • Week 2:  July 10-July 14


  • Week 3: July 17-July 21


  • Week 4: July 24-July 28


  • Week 5: July 31-August 4


  • Week 6: August 8-August 11


  • Week 7:  August 14-August 18 (4 Days)


Week 1: July 4- July 7 (4 days) STOP MOTION ANIMATION

AcadeCoders will learn about different animation techniques, with a focus on stop-motion animation. They will use their creativity to come up with simple stories that can be conveyed with stop-motion animation. They will use a variety of props to create their own stop-motion videos, with a longer video created by the end of the week.

Week 2: July 10- July 14 LEGO SPIKE ROBOTICS

During the first Lego robotics week, Coders will learn a variety of techniques for building and modifying Lego robots. They will follow detailed instructions, and collaborate with peers to optimize their designs and complete challenges.

Week 3: July 17 – July 21 BLOXELS 2D VIDEO GAME DESIGN

Bloxels is a fun video game design software that allows users to make custom levels, characters, and enemies for a platformer game . Coders will have an opportunity to design, animate, play their game, and the games of other coders.

Week 4: July 24 – July 28 3D PRINTING WITH TINKERCAD

AcadeCoders will learn about 3D design and its applications. They will use the popular software TinkerCAD to design a variety of different objects, completing challenges and learning new techniques, culminating in a more detailed design project to be printed by  our 3D Printer.

Week 5: July 31 –August 4 JAVASCRIPT APP BUILDING

AcadeCoders will learn the basics of JavaScript, a text-based programming language, to make variables, loops, and functions to  construct animated games or an interactive web page. They will work on problem-solving, logical reasoning and perseverance as  they develop an App.

Week 6: August 8 – August 11 (4 days) LEGO SPIKE ROBOTICS

A second week of Lego Robotics will offer Coders a refresher course from the previous week. Then, Coders will complete increasingly difficult  challenges as they learn to create, test, and improve their robot using the design cycle. We will finish the week with an obstacle course and a  BattleBot gladiator ring.

Week 7: August 14 – August 18 HACKATHON

Coders will have the opportunity to channel their aptitudes into constructive skill-building scenarios by addressing real-world  problems. Coders will work cooperatively this week to participate in a Hackathon and spend the week collaborating and coding to  create a solution to a problem.



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