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Learn about our Admission Requirements

Enrolment at Académie de la Capitale may be done at any time of the year, provided the student has been accepted and all admission requirements have been met.

The admissions process begins with the completion of an application to the school. It carries an Application Fee, paid upon the submission of the application.

The following documents must also be remitted to the Registrar during this time:

  • A copy of the student’s last report card,
  • Any reports impacting on the teaching and learning of your child.

Following the application and prior to acceptance, an assessment will be done for each student where the student must spend one day at the school to be evaluated in terms of willingness and ability to participate in the inquiry and to learn independently as well as cooperatively. This visit day* is included in the application fee. If a visit day is not physically possible, virtual options can be made available.

The visit day will be followed by a meeting/interview with the director, the parents/guardian and the student to review the student’s day of visit and discuss the teacher observations.

Once all admission requirements have been met, a letter of acceptance/ refusal will be issued to the applicant and his/her parents/guardian. Once a place is offered to a prospective student, parents will be required to sign a contract and pay a one-time only, non-refundable $500 Family Membership Fee. A child’s place is only assured once this is settled.

Parents will also be required to sign other school schedules and provide additional documents such as copy of the child’s birth certificate, passport and immunization records, in order to complete the enrolment process.

We pride ourselves for our rigorous, academic standards, as well as our commitment to develop well-rounded individuals. We are highly committed to our students’ success and we expect a comparable commitment from them. Upon their acceptance to the school, it is essential that students understand and respect this commitment by signing the Académie de la Capitale Agreement to Reach for the IB Learner Profile.

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A day at AcadeCap

At AcadeCap, we strive to create a culture of academic excellence driven by the ideal of a community that embraces differences and risk taking; and the belief that education does not only stem from a place, but also an attitude.

This is why, in addition to all the admission requirements, the day students spend at AcadeCap helps the students and parents decide whether or not they feel our community is the ideal setting for them to continue their education. It also helps us take note of their ability to contribute and to excel both independently and cooperatively.