Art Exhibition 2016

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Our art teacher, Mme Hajar, and her students have worked really hard this year creating fabulous pieces of art. What better way to celebrate their accomplishments than by displaying their masterpieces for everyone to see! Our art exhibition will take place on June 8th, 9th, and 10th. Parents and friends of the AcadeCap community can pop by anytime!

What do we do when we visit an art exhibit? As you walk around with your child, ask them to answer the following!

Describe it.
What kinds of things do you see in this piece?
Can you think of some words you could use to describe it?
If you had to describe this piece to someone who couldn’t see, what would you say?

Relate it.
What does this painting make you think of?
What things feel familiar in this piece?

Analyze it.
What can you tell me about the colors in this painting?
What do you think the student used to make this piece?
What questions would you ask the student about their piece?

Interpret it.
If you had to name this piece, what would it be called?
If this piece could make a sound, what would it sound like?
Pretend you are inside this painting, what does it feel like?

Evaluate it.
Do you think the student that made this piece did a good job? Explain why or why not.
What do you think someone would say about this piece?

Looking forward to seeing the student artwork being admired!

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