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Our first annual Prix d’excellence de l’Académie de la Capitale Awards presentation took place on May 29th, 2015. Since then we have held the gala event every May and this year will be no exception, although the format will be different. The awards were conceived as a celebration across the ages, to recognize the academic and personal achievements of our students of all ages. Throughout the year, students are recognized for exemplary action and behaviour based on the IB Learner Profile characteristics. Teachers nominate students to recognise their consistent efforts in various categories, based on the IB Learner Profile as well as our AcadeCap school mission. Then, in May, all teachers discuss and vote on the final recipients for each award.

The academic distinction awards are based on aptitude and academic standing in the PYP, MYP and the OSSD, in the various disciplines. The Overall Academic Achievement awards come with a scholarship towards the tuition for the following year, as do the two highest awards: Transcending Borders for one student from any grade who was Reflective and dedicated to personal growth and showed the greatest improvement in academic standing over the course of the year; and the Founding Director’s Award for the Love of Learning, for one student in any grade who is an Inquirer and demonstrates an exceptional love of learning and curiosity. All the recipients have their names engraved on the plaques on the Recognition Wall, by the stage.

In the past, all of the award recipients and students completing the SLT programme also received t-shirts and books to celebrate their achievements. This year, since the school situation has taken an unexpected turn, Acadecap has decided to respond to these extraordinary times by using the funds normally allotted to these prizes towards a donation to our local Food Bank.

Your invitation to this year’s Awards Night/Prix d’excellence

It is with great pleasure that we cordially invite you to the Awards Night Ceremony/Soirée des prix d’excellence for AcadeKIDZ and Académie de la Capitale aka AcadeCap International School, on Thursday, May 21, 2020, at 6:00 pm.

The annual awards night will look very different from past years, but Covid-19 isolation will not stop us from celebrating student achievements accomplished this year.

The AcadeKIDZ/CAP staff is working creatively to make it a memorable event. We strongly encourage students and family members to join us on a video stream through Google Meet to celebrate our students’ various achievements. The awards recipients will be announced on the day of the ceremony.

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