Baking Apples Today

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Why did we decide to bake apples you ask? Well, apart from the fact that it’s great fun, full of learning and skill building and most of all yummy, one of our morning circle rhymes is all about a mouse that does exactly what we did this morning. It is the day of her party so she cleans the carpet, finds apples, cuts and bakes them and then finally shares them with her little friends. Below are the words to the rhyme, read it at home and you’ll find out that your child knows the words and knows what they mean too!

The kids were involved in each and every part, minus taking the burning hot tray out of the toaster oven! They even cleaned the dishes we used! We shared with the toddlers and then had some baked apples at lunch. From what I observed, the process was more enjoyable than the finished product 😉

We tied this activity to our unit by talking about one of the most important parts of friendship, sharing. We shared the responsibilities of the task (and cooperated in doing so) and we shared the apples with our younger friends! La comptine de
la souris

Aujourd’hui c’est …(insert day of the week)
C’est la fête à la souris
Elle balaie son tapis
Elle trouve une pomme d’api
La coupe et la cuit
Et la donne à ses petits

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