Body and Mind

Physical activity is an integral part of our curriculum

An introduction to our P.H.E. curriculum

Physical & Health Education (P.H.E)

AcadeCap students have an active life! They participate in a wide range of physical activities in contexts pertinent to the PYP units of inquiry and/or the MYP and the OSSD Healthy Active Living units of study

Well-Balanced P.H.E.

Younger students, tweens and teens participate in activities that support self-knowledge and self-understanding; discover the capabilities of their bodies and the variety of ways in which they are able to use their bodies to solve problems, address physical challenges, function as part of a group, manipulate equipment or apparatus, and express themselves kinaesthetically in a range of situations.

Units of P.H.E

  • Fitness conditioning and training (including yoga and pilates-inspired conditioning).
  • Individual and team sports including; touch football, ultimate frisbee, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, hockey, badminton and tenni.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Waterpolo and water fun.
  • Jiu-jitsu instruction by a Renchi.
  • Outdoor education such as cross-country skiing, hiking, downhill skiing/snowboarding.
  • Track and field.
  • Ballet and Jazz.

Outdoor Activities

Students participate in hands-on outdoor activities in order to foster care for other living things, and to become more aware of their local environment. They become active participants in their community, and make responsible choices to preserve their natural environment.

Our New Playground

When it comes to the asphalt portion of our playground, we wanted to create a multi-age setting, much like our interior, that would reflect our values and approach to learning. The result is a unique and dynamic outdoor space which, though permanent, is reimagined every day.

As you can see below, traditional games like four-square and basketball, overlap with games geared for younger students, such as hopscotch, mazes, and paths without necessarily emphasizing any age group. The result is space and aesthetic that’s appreciated and reapropriated (with stencils, paint, and chalk) by all.