Bone Bridge Challenge

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Last month, AcadeCap JK to Grade 6 took on the Bone Bridge challenge. Students from JK to grade 2 received a limited amount of supplies and were asked to build a bridge as long as possible, using only what was in their bag of materials. Other constraints included building the bridge at least one inch tall, and having the planks across the bridge close enough that a penny wouldn’t fall through. Students were forced to use creative thinking to figure out how to build a bridge that is long, but also sturdy using minimal materials. 


Students from grade 3 to 6 also received a limited amount of supplies, but had more criteria to meet. For example, the bridge they build needed to be the longest, but also the strongest to withhold as much weight as possible. They also had the same constraints as the younger grades, such as the bridge needing to be one inch tall, and having the planks close enough so that a penny does not fall through. These students really thought outside the box, and used every material in their bag, including the ruler given to measure! 


iSTEAM challenges walk students through the design cycle, encouraging students to take risks and reflect on their thinking and learning. Often, the first design created needs to be reworked and reevaluated to ensure that it is successful. The design process encourages this idea of creation and evaluation as a two-way street. Once we create something, we should evaluate it to see if we can adjust it to make it better, then we return to the creation. This cycle is continuous and flexible. 


Please note that November is Innovation Month at AcadeCap. We will focus on innovative ideas, designs and solutions in our units of inquiry with our homeroom teachers. We also have some really exciting Mad Science activities planned by Mr. Bruno, Mme Shannon, and Mme Nora. 

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