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Today is a new day at AcadeCamp and we are celebrating colour in all its beauty. We started the day with a brief explanation of what cones and rods are in terms of eyes. At noon, we went outside, and our girls had fun at the play area with Street chalk.

We also reproduced the famous experiment of Newton’s prism. We could see the wonder in the eyes of our campers when they saw a Rainbow show produced from simply white light and a prism. They asked a lot of questions, indicating that they were really amazed by this phenomenon.

Moreover, Ilyes and I used 3 different colors of LED light (the same colours as in cones) and made them go through two different types of lenses: concave lenses, convex lenses. Campers noticed we obtained 2 different results. We can hear questions such as “why are those lines of light crossed with this lens but moving away with the other lens?’’which started an instructive and productive discussion

between campers and us.

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unaligned with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde

By Sandrine Toudjui

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