Bug Adventures: A STEM Summer Camp for Inquisitive Minds

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Registration for AcadeCamp and AcadeKinder 2023 Summer Camps are now open! 

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Come one, come all, to our summer camp of bugs,

A world full of wonder and maybe some slugs,

Where you’ll dine with the ants, and learn all their ways,

And see the beautiful beetles, who’ll brighten your days.


With underground architecture, you’ll see their homes,

Their tunnels and chambers, and all of their domes,

And the cacophony of insects, you’ll hear their sounds,

While the creepy crawlers roam freely around.


You can take a dip in our pool of insects, if you dare,

Where winged wonders will fly, and show off their flair,

And with insect iSTEAM, you’ll learn all about their lives,

Their importance to the world, and how they help us thrive.


So come join AcadeCamp, with our focus on insects,

With days filled with wonder, and learning new skill sets,

For a summer of memories, that you’ll never forget,

And full of friends that you have not yet met.

About The Author

My name is Shannon Neill and I am currently the Grade 1/2 teacher at AcadeCap. I began my teaching career in 2017 after graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Education, specialized in French Immersion Pedagogy. Since my first year of teaching, I have been working with Grade 1 and 2 students, from Montreal, to Winnipeg, and now Ottawa, where I have been with AcadeCap since 2018. Working with students in Grade 1 and 2 is definitely something special. The students are curious, honest and so willing to learn and share - I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to learn from my students every day!

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