Career Programme: Year-in-Review

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Our Career Programme spans all grade levels and is packed full of activities to help students learn about and practice the essential skills needed for success in a 21st Century career.

​This year, students used the myBlueprint All about Me and Education Planner web-based tools to explore occupations and career pathways. They completed surveys to discover and develop their understanding of their own interests, motivations, and learning styles.

Students also completed required and optional career activities in each of their classes and participated in several school-wide activities. For example, they had an opportunity to participate in the Ted Ed Student Talks Program. Some students learned about negotiation and attended a panel on careers in international relations at the Model UN conference. Other students learned about careers from guest speakers in various professions. Selected grades explored journalism and created their own weekly newspaper and radio show. MYP/OSSD students developed their own individual career pathway plan and practiced interviewing skills. Some students learned about budgeting and financial responsibility through projects and workshops.

We would like to thank our community partners and collaborators, without whom, we would not be able to offer such enriching experiences for our students.

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Source:: MYP & OSSD

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