Civic Action to Combat Climate Change

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The AcadeCap Civics students are passionate about climate change! For their culminating project they chose to explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13: take urgent action to combat climate change.

The students used the political inquiry process and their critical thinking skills learned in the first part of the course to research and analyze how food consumption and food production contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. They proceeded with an analysis of policy documents at the International, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels to determine the guidance offered in the policies and to discover any possible gaps. To do this they, read through the policies, completed research, and read current news articles on the topic. Then they collaborated to create an action plan. Their action plan involved an analysis of their current food carbon footprint using the BBC food carbon footprint calculator. They analysed the methodology of the calculator to better understand its limitations and then set a goal for themselves to reduce their food ecological footprint by 25%. As a group, they were able to do this by each making only one change to their favourite food choices.

Their action project is posted on the Move the Day Solution Map. The students invite everyone in the AcadeCap community to use the calculator to determine their food’s carbon footprint and then make the changes necessary to reduce their food footprint by 25% before Earth Day, April 22, 2021.,6556,8089&lat=45.34662217337614&lng=-75.79093873500825&zoom=17

Source:: PSSP & OSSD

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