Adapting during times of uncertainty

Ensuring learning continues in school and at home

Académie de la Capitale switched to online delivery of classes during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Throughout the last three years Acadecap has seamlessly switched to online and in person teaching due to our online platforms already in place at the school.  Acadecap continued our K-12 full day, academic programs on various online platforms, primarily through Google Education Suite and Toddle.  We continue to follow the pandemic closely.

During our online classes, Acadecap teachers and staff are quick to adapt to the new realities of working remotely, while our students and parents are quick to adjust to online class delivery and its challenges. Without their patience, support, and trust in our teachers and program, the switch to online class delivery would not have been successful. Everything, from math to jiu jitsu, from French to music, has continued virtually, with classes held based on regular school schedules. Students get to interact with their teachers and classmates in real-time. Even lunch time clubs and student-led weekly, morning announcements have continued virtually, making full use of our social media platforms.  We have students learning virtually and onsite this academic year.

It continues to be our goal at Acadecap to recreate the school learning environment virtually and in person to bring a sense of normalcy during these extraordinary times.  We are addressing constantly changing health and safety requirements.

Real-Time Learning

Using a combination of Google Education Suite applications, Padlet, and other online learning resources, Acadecap students participate not just in their homeroom and core subject classes, but also in the following specialist subject classes and activities:

  • Music
  • Art and Visual Arts (PSSP & OSSD)
  • SMILE (SLT) – Orton-Gillingham-based systematic, multisensory, intensive literacy education
  • Third Language Classes (Mandarin & Spanish)
  • PSPE
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • TedTalk Club
  • Running Club