Best Practices

Ensuring learning happens in a safe manner

Developing guidelines that address these extraordinary times

Académie de la Capitale/AcadeCap International School is prepared for a return to school with a blend of onsite and/or virtual classroom learning (telelearning).  We are working to ensure that students and teachers remain safe in the months ahead by updating our policies and procedures to align with the most recent recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial health and education authorities, and the City of Ottawa. We are committed to health and safety as a top priority and also to a continuation of teaching excellence.   

Our school space has undergone some modifications to ensure that social distancing measures will be honoured at all times. We have an open concept space that allows us to easily adjust the boundaries of our classroom areas, modify the size and shape of classrooms as needed.   Our commitment to small class sizes and a large teacher to student ratio ensures that all students will receive quality time with their teachers and provides an ideal atmosphere for collaboration, whether interacting via technology or in person.

We will ensure that students and staff remain safe by wearing personal protective equipment in the form of masks and gloves and by continuing to follow the top guidelines for hygiene such as rigorous hand washing procedures and respiratory etiquette. Additionally, environmental cleaning procedures have been upgraded to ensure recommended guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting are being implemented consistently and appropriately.

Special procedures are put in place to allow everyone to arrive safely at the school in a staggered fashion, participate in COVID screening, and follow reporting protocols.

Safeguarding our children in the online environment continues to be a priority. Our telelearning policy outlines the details of how we keep our children safe in the school’s digital space.


We are continually developing policies that further discuss our telelearning approach as well as our commitment to our community’s health and safety, whether it be upon return to school or in a virtual setting.