COVID-19 Information & Preparedness

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March 12, 2020

Good Afternoon Parents, Teachers and OSSD Students,

We take the evolution of the COVID-19 transmission and prevention around the world, in Canada, in Ontario, and now in Ottawa, seriously.

For the last two weeks, AcadeCap and KIDZ staff have been proactive in teaching and overseeing proper handwashing, toileting and coughing practices. We now be cognizant of the importance of social distancing, plus we will request water bottles be filled at home.

This morning, Mme Aïcha had set up a special edition of the TéléADLC on epidemics and the coronavirus; the scientific and medical information aspect of the ADLC presentation had been reviewed by experts for a young audience. With the students, I went over in English:

  • how to wash our hands and when to do so
  • how to blow our nose and contain our coughs
  • how the corona virus is transmitted
  • why the elderly and the immuno-suppressed are more vulnerable, health-wise
  • why we have to work together to protect everyone in our society and especially the most vulnerable
  • what is shedding and how is it linked to contagion
  • why AcadeCap/KIDZ will request that certain teachers, staff and students stay away for 14 days after their March Break or any other trips, to certain continents and countries.

In regards to the contingency plan, teachers have been developing a practical approach to teach and learn online. There will be more information sent out early next week, during March Break. This approach will enable students or staff who have to self-isolate or stay away from the school or childcare to work from home.

AcadeCap student belongings and learning materials will be sent home today. There will be a thorough cleaning of the facilities during March Break.

All developments and plans will continue to be communicated as appropriate through emails, calls, on social media such as Facebook and the website.

Thank for your support and cooperation in ensuring our community remains healthy.

Kind regards,

Lucie Lalonde


Canada Public Health Services has consulted with crisis-management professionals to develop an approach to talking to children about the coronavirus.


In addition to our regular protocols, we have put in place a number of proactive and enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures to ensure the continued well-being and safety of our community:

  • Purchasing large quantities of Lysol Wipes to be used, as needed by staff and students, to wipe down surfaces, phones, tablets, laptops, objects and high-traffic items after their use
  • Purchasing large quantities of gloves to be used by staff when attending to children toileting and hygienic care
  • Increasing disinfecting schedule
  • Disinfecting monthly with an electrostatically charged disinfection mist sprayed onto all surfaces and objects


As we are seeking to discourage the sharing of school supplies such as pens, pencils, markers, scissors; parents are asked to purchase and identify a large pencil case with the following labelled contents:

  • 2 pencils
  • eraser
  • 2 pens
  • colouring materials
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Three (3) tissue boxes would be appreciated as well.

Please remind your child of the policy regarding the sharing of food. Absolutely no sharing of food, snacks, beverages, water bottles, food containers, clothing, utensils, toys, etc.

An important reminder to bring food containers and utensils, if one takes part in the Hot Lunch programme with Chef Erick. And, we request a labelled water bottle to be filled at home.


We request that individuals and families, returning from travel in, or hosting visitors from, affected areas, take special note of the directives on the Government of Canada travel advice site and on the Ottawa Public Health site :

Keeping in mind that the situation is evolving daily, and that as of March 12, 2020, the current areas of most significant concern are China, Europe (new epicentre), Iran, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. Though not on the Canada Travel Advisory website, travel to the US will be considered as travelling to a high-risk region, for AcadeCap and for KIDZ, as the US, for multiple reasons, has grossly under-tested and under-reported COVID-19 cases and deaths. Washington State, California, Oregon, Florida and areas of New York City and State have an elevated number of cases. If your travel plans involve stopovers in US airports, then it is still considered US travel.

Coronavirus: Over 1,000 Cases Now In the U.S., And ‘It’s Going to Get Worse,’ Fauci Says:

Therefore, we will require a 14-day stay-away period before returning to school/childcare from the families travelling and/or hosting visitors, from China, Europe (new epicentre), Iran, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and South Korea, including the United States. Your compliance to our request is on an honour basis.


  • There will be COVID-19 testing facilities in Ottawa within the week.
  • If tested positive for COVID-19, the AcadeCap/KIDZ member will go into self-isolation and inform AcadeCap immediately by email at
  • All members of the AcadeCap/KIDZ community in contact with this confirmed case must remain away in isolation for 14 days
  • All members of the AcadeCap/KIDZ community may be requested to stay away in isolation for 14 days


Via the following websites, AcadeCap International School and AcadeKIDZ’s administration closely monitors developments involving COVID-19:

World Health Organization

Government of Canada Public Health Agency

Ontario Public Health

Ottawa Public Health

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