Dial-a-Chef Lunch Programme

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At AcadeCap we pride ourselves in excellence in education across the world including unique cultural experiences through cuisine by Chef Erick of Dial-a-Chef.  

Dial-a-Chef  has been in the Ottawa community since 1992.  Chef Erick  provides unique cuisine from France, Canada and around the world in our catered lunch programme at AcadeCap since 2002.   We not only educate our students’ and staff’s minds but also their taste buds, from frog legs to bavarian sausage and sauerkraut.  Students and staff appreciate the different cultural cuisine and Chef Erick’s French influence as a learning experience good for the body and mind.  Chef Erick caters our special events held at the school such as the Community Corn Roast, the Festive Seasons Extravaganza and our Strawberry Social, to name a few.

Chef Erick is from la Bretagne, a region of France, where he attended cooking school before moving to Canada many years ago. He learned classical cuisine at Lycée Chaptal (Quimper). He has worked in many prestigious hotels across Canada, and even taught at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute.  Chef Erick had his own cooking shows ‘Les fines gueules’ and ‘Bouquet de saveurs’ on Rogers Cable French channels.  To learn more about Chef Erick and his menu please visit:  https://www.dialachef.ca/

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