Forms of Documenting

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Real life examples as well as relevant examples are some of the best ways to teach. Miss Andrea and I did just that when we shared two ways our families have documented their lives. Students explored Miss Andrea’s family artifacts from her memory box, hence the blue gloves! I shared family videos of my childhood that were once on VHS and were transferred onto CD by my dad. The kids really enjoyed sharing these special memories with us as we did with them. They have a clearer idea of the various possibilities of documenting family history and why. They may come home to ask if they can do the same, and please let us know if they do! That would be a student initiated action that we would be incredibly proud to see happen!

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My name is Nora Ibrahim and I am currently teaching senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 at Académie de la Capitale. I joined Académie de la Capitale in 2009, teaching students aged 3-6, definitely the best and, may I add, funniest age group! This job comes with great responsibility and equally great reward! My students' learning is my top priority and I hope to foster a love of learning and help them build a foundation for their years to come by the end of each academic year. This blog is full of the daily, weekly and monthly adventures that go on in my class! Enjoy!

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