From STEM to i STEAM

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In discussion and planning with enthusiastic, newly trained PYP staff and the AcadeCap/KIDZ team, we have
reaffirmed our philosophy and approach to learning. We will continue to focus on experiential, interactive
and real-time inquiry and learning, incorporating the IB design cycle to create and innovate. We continue to
implement transdisciplinary learning, to foster making links between subjects and authentic situations.

STEM has morphed into i STEAM: innovate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, and Math.
Shannon Neill at the PYP in collaboration with Nora Ibrahim in Early Years and Dr. Bruno Riel at the MYP/OSSD
will support and guide all teachers in implementing i STEAM in their units of inquiry and study. There are
monthly across-the-ages i STEAM challenges in place for the 2019-2020 year of learning at AcadeCap and

Over the summer, Dr. Bruno Riel has reviewed the MYP and OSSD math and science curricula, teacher and student
materials. He made a strong case for AcadeCap to purchase the most current Oxford Press math and
science teacher and student resources to be in-line our i STEAM approach.

Shannon Neill, also having gone through the math and science resources at the PYP, continues to support the
implementation of Défi mathématiques and all of its manipulatives. Défi mathématiques demands reasoning, critical, creative and logical thinking from the students when problem-solving and developing math concepts.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding our i STEAM monthly challenges and recent contest rankings.

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