Home Learning iSTEAM Challenge: Week 2

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Did you know that the catapult was invented in about 400 BC? The catapult has many variations, but mainly it uses the sudden release of stored potential energy to propel an object.

This week, the iSTEAM team challenges you to build a catapult and see how far you can launch a small object, such as a marshmallow or pompom. You should be able to find these materials at home, or on your next grocery order. See below for examples of catapults that you could build.

  1. Simple Marshmallow Catapult
  2. Powerful Popsicle stick Catapult
  3. Tissue Box Catapult
  4. Wooden Spoon Catapult
  5. Large Catapult

Please feel free to create your own designs and research catapults yourselves. These are simply suggestions to get you started. Once you’ve built your catapult, practice launching a small object and send us the furthest distance along with a photo!

Have fun!

About The Author

My name is Shannon Neill and I am currently the Grade 1/2 teacher at AcadeCap. I began my teaching career in 2017 after graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Education, specialized in French Immersion Pedagogy. Since my first year of teaching, I have been working with Grade 1 and 2 students, from Montreal, to Winnipeg, and now Ottawa, where I have been with AcadeCap since 2018. Working with students in Grade 1 and 2 is definitely something special. The students are curious, honest and so willing to learn and share - I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to learn from my students every day!

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