How do animals cope with the earth’s cycles?

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Yesterday’s English class was full of a phenomenal amount of learning, questioning, observations and connections. Now all this seems like a lot, especially when I tell you that most of our English class was reading the book pictured below. The evidence of all this learning not only comes from the thoughtful discussion interwoven through the pages of this book but also from the following day where students applied their learning to a completely different activity. Three sight words were added to Mme Andrea’s sight word chart but whether or not each student recognizes the sounds that form the word and can then read it is not the important part, it is the understanding of what those words mean that is of greater value here. Ask your child about hibernation, adaptation and migration…they’ll have something interesting to say I’m sure!

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My name is Nora Ibrahim and I am currently teaching senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 at Académie de la Capitale. I joined Académie de la Capitale in 2009, teaching students aged 3-6, definitely the best and, may I add, funniest age group! This job comes with great responsibility and equally great reward! My students' learning is my top priority and I hope to foster a love of learning and help them build a foundation for their years to come by the end of each academic year. This blog is full of the daily, weekly and monthly adventures that go on in my class! Enjoy!

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