Indigenous Culture: Orange Shirt Day

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Orange shirt day is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation for Indigenous peoples.  We at AcadeCap take part by wearing orange shirts to support the first peoples’ rights. We also take Indigenous studies at our school seriously with curriculum based on indigenous mythology and world view, residential schools, and truth and reconciliation themed studies.

The first treaties in Canada were created with the use of wampum belts consisting of beadwork that represented both parties taking part in the treaty.  There was a kinship-based need for treaties; both parties’ interests being respected as they joined a shared community. We value our peaceful relations, as demonstrated in our curriculum, progressive discipline and restorative practices, and assemblies.  We at AcadeCap honour this type of privilege by teaching respect for Indigenous peoples by acknowledging the land of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation peoples on which our school is built, during every public meeting, and throughout our curriculum.

We study Indigenous culture in our English and Social Studies curriculum.  This year many of our teachers gained a credit from the University of Alberta for the course: Indigenous Canada.  This course was created by Indigenous peoples to explain: their culture within Canada throughout history, current social movements, and art history, and the insights gleaned will be integrated into our curriculum.  Students at AcadeCap learn about Indigenous culture through stories of residential schools, such as: Gord Downie & Jeff Lemire’s Secret Path for the Chanie Wenjack book with accompanying music videos, clan mythology, novels and movies (such as Indian Horse and Les bas du pensionnat).  We also study the Indian Act and social movements through Indigenous poetry, elder stories, interviews, news articles and more.  Students also learn about the Indigenous perspective in their Canadian history classes.

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