Joining the rainbow movement: #çavabienaller

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The rainbow movement began in Italy. To boost the country’s morale, Italians started spreading a slogan of reassurance: “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be alright – ça va bien aller. The initiative appears to have been started by a few mothers using Facebook, and then picked up across the country. And now, it’s all over the world.

It is something we wanted to bring to Acadecap.

Our students might not be in class right now, but they can spread kindness, like many children who are stuck at home, by leaving hand-drawn notes or painting rainbows with messages of hope  bearing the Italian equivalent translating into “ça va bien aller”, “don’t give up”, or “hang on in there”, and displaying them in windows, doors and even balconies of their homes for their neighbours to see. We will ask parents to take pictures and send them to us. We will then be posting these photos on social media using the following hashtags: #çavabienaller #everythingwillbealright #andràtuttobene #todovaaestarbien

Please find attached 2 Google slides (French and English) that you can share with your families. Our students can give more insight about the project.


Mme Aïcha & Mme Lucie

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