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As part of our unit on friendship, we did this little activity to find out what we appreciated and liked about the friends in our class. This activity also helped us realise what it means to be a friend. Notice that characteristics like ‘mean’, ‘rude’, ‘unfriendly’ do not appear here, well for one, that’s good a good thing! But this reinforces the characteristics that make up a good friend. Some really lovely words that the kids used to describe their friends! Picture

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My name is Nora Ibrahim and I am currently teaching senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 at Académie de la Capitale. I joined Académie de la Capitale in 2009, teaching students aged 3-6, definitely the best and, may I add, funniest age group! This job comes with great responsibility and equally great reward! My students' learning is my top priority and I hope to foster a love of learning and help them build a foundation for their years to come by the end of each academic year. This blog is full of the daily, weekly and monthly adventures that go on in my class! Enjoy!

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