Pi Day

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Today was Pi day at AcadeCap as part of our spirit week. Now this day may have been a source of some confusion for the kindergarten students however they did enjoy and did understand to some degree that Pi meant a number, had something to do with circles and was represented by a table like symbol (or that it was all about pies). The very best part of today is what I would like to share with you and it all started from a kindergarten student’s shirt that was specially made for Pi day. On her shirt was the title Buffon’s Needle and a depiction of what that was. Since we (myself included!) were so curious as to what this meant, we decided to ask one of AcadeCap’s resident math experts, Mme Neena. Mme Neena told us she would come to our class and explain! Just 10 minutes later, Mme Neena arrived with a special paper marked with a few lines across the page, evenly separated, and a sewing needle. She went on to explain about Pi and about Buffon’s Needle and then demonstrated. We took turns dropping the needle on the paper and seeing if it would land on or between the lines. It was a really fantastic learning opportunity and was so very interesting, all inspired by our kindergarten friend’s shirt! Mme Neena was also inspired, her grade 8 math lesson went from whatever had been planned to a lesson about Buffon’s Needle. Mme Neena loved sharing her knowledge with us so much that she said she’d like to come back and share more! Thank you to our kindergarten friend for coming to school in the mathiest shirt ever and inspiring this series of events! Picture

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