Art class reflection 2019-2020

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​This year has been amazing with so many activities to discover and learn. Students were able to improve and develop their creativity and imagination. During this year, the students experienced different opportunities to communicate distinctive forms of meaning, develop their technical skills, take creative risks, solve problems, and visualize consciences.

The students also went through a difficult time (the pandemic), but this did not stop them from being innovative, responsible, imaginative and problem solvers. They found so many new ways to create art.

Some students also commented that art class helped them to cope and forget stressful moments during these critical times.

Source:: PYP Art Class Blog

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Hola, mi nombre es Cecilia Ruvalcaba. I’ve been the Spanish, Art, and Physical Education teacher at Académie de la Capital since 2015. Teaching is something very special to me. That's why I studied Pedagogy and completed a Master in Family Education. I’ve always loved working with children of all ages; their energy, enthusiasm and curiosity are inspiring. Teaching Spanish - it’s been great. Sharing the love for my language and culture has become my passion. In Art, it is amazing how creative my students are. Art is everywhere. It opens our heart and senses and allows us to see and enjoy things in a different way. And finally, Physical Education allows us to understand how to be active, exercise and eating healthy has a positive impact on our day to day activities. "A healthy mind in a healthy body" ¡Nos vemos en clases!

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