Results of the Recycling Incentive Pilot Programme

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This Term, a civic action project has been underway, with the Civics students engaging the whole school in a recycling incentive pilot programme to reduce the amount of food waste and recyclables that enter our garbage cans at the school. During the 3 weeks of the programme, parents packed litterless lunches and students and teachers packed plastic packaging and food scraps home. Each class earned a class reward for their recycling efforts. The Civics students also hosted an AcadeCap Community Swap Meet to reuse and repurpose gently used books, toys, games, and clothes. The Civics students presented pep talks at the weekly school assemblies to encourage and educate students about the importance of composting and recycling and the reasons why food scraps should not enter the landfill. They also shared how recycling and composting reduces the size of our ecological footprint, especially our water footprint. Many of our food and consumer items have a ‘hidden water’ cost due to the water needed to grow, manufacture, or produce the item.

As a result of this school-wide effort, we prevented 27.47 Kg of recyclable and compostable material from entering the landfill each week. This meant that 56656 Litres of water were ‘saved’ from being wasted in the landfill each week. The Swap Meet saved 67.29 Kg of plastic, paper, metal, and fabric material from potentially ending up in the landfill and saved 160317 Litres of water from potentially being wasted in the landfill because these items all found new homes. Everyone’s actions significantly reduced the school community’s ecological and water footprints!

Source:: Mme Christine’s SLT Blog

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