Scholarship Programme

Acadecap Scholarship Programme

AcadeCap proudly offers two types of scholarships.

  • Financial Assistance Scholarship
  • Admission Scholarship

Financial Assistance Scholarship 

The Financial Assistance Scholarships are open to all ages. They allow us to offer the advantages of an AcadeCap education to children and teens who show promise, regardless of their family’s financial situation. These scholarships are awarded according to need (not scholastic or other special gifts), but successful applicants must satisfy the school’s entry requirements and work to capacity while at the school. 

Financial Assistance scholarships are partial rebates on the base tuition fees.  

Admission Scholarship

The Admission Scholarships are open to pre-secondary and secondary school students. They are awarded at the start of grades 7, 9, and 11. This scholarship provides a 75% tuition waiver and will be renewable for a second year. Awarding and renewal of these scholarships are based on the student’s ability to demonstrate 21st Century core competencies in assigned tasks and self-assessment. 

We invite you to contact the Acadecap Scholarship Office at to learn more about the application process for either scholarship programme.