Student-Led Conferences from home

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Student-Led Conference Day is scheduled on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

On this day, we encourage students to proudly show their parents the work accomplished during the school year. Students always have access to their portfolio.

For AcadeCap students, grade 3 and up, they are encouraged to show their growth and accomplishments using the myBluePrint portfolio portal. Throughout the school year, on-site and telelearning, teachers and Mme Christine have provided a weekly period and guidance to students in building their portfolio.

The Kindergarten as well as the Grade 1/2 students have worked on a hard copy portfolio and unfortunately, these are not accessible for the time being.  Nonetheless, growth and learning are happening, en grand, as Mme Nora and Mme Shannon offer students and their parents a choice board of developmentally appropriate PYP learning activities.

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