SuperSats 2017-2018: Mom & Kids Can Code

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New for the 2017-2018 school year, the SuperSats sessions have added Mom & Kids Can Code!

Bringing the concept of pair programming to a new level – mom and kids coding! This unique opportunity allows for parents to step into the terminal with their kids and pick up a new coding language. Parents and their children will be taught various industry leading programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, all while spending quality time over various challenges that involve team building and updating their coding tool box – together!

Even though these sessions provide the unique opportunity for both parents and children to code together and learn various new programming concepts; the learning doesn’t stop there! Both students and parents will be directed to a variety of resources to continue learning together and the following programming courses that we have here at AcadeCap during the school year and the summer.

All sessions are from 9:00am – 12:00pm and ages are 8 – 14.

First Term Dates:

  • October 14th

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For more information, please download the  SuperSats [First Term] 2017-2018 Registration Form.

This form can be digitally filled. Filled forms can be emailed to

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