SuperSats 2017-2018: Raspberry Pi Showcase

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New for the 2017-2018 school year, the SuperSats sessions have added Raspberry Pi Showcase!

As part of our SuperSats Series, we are providing sessions to show students who want to showcase Raspberry Pi projects they have built. This is intended to bring the passion of Raspberry Pi to a full swing as enthusiasts have the opportunity to present their projects in front of their peers, outlining various methods used to build it, while having the opportunity to have discussions that can further improve each of their projects. This is a unique opportunity where participants can practice their public speaking skills, which is still essential in the software industry, all while impressing their peers.

Public speaking and presenting to fellow peers is one of the most overlooked skills in the STEM field, but these sessions are here to provide as outlet to practice these skills, while in a friendly environment with other Raspberry Pi enthusiast looking to learn more and from others each session.

All sessions are from 9:00am – 12:00pm and ages are 8 – 14.

First Term Dates:

  • September 30th
  • December 2nd

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For more information, please download the  SuperSats [First Term] 2017-2018 Registration Form.

This form can be digitally filled. Filled forms can be emailed to


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