Thank you for a successful Acadequiz 2015!

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Words of appreciation go to:

  • the efficient set-up team, Mary, Hue, Nora, Steff, Priscila, Mélanie B.
  • the category and question gurus, Katie, Nora
  • the bar ladies, Katie, Mélanie B. and her Smart Serve training, Lola
  • the bake sale and pizza boss, Sadjia
  • the meticulous judges, Linda, Mélanie D. and Mary
  • the 50/50 sales master, Stephanie
  • the cool tech guy, Israël
  • the handsome MC, Borys
  • the attending players, Sarah, France, Edna, Talha

Grand total, with 20% of ticket sales to CHEO, is $5400!

Time to go shopping for sports’ equipment, Katie!

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