The Virtual Debates Continue…

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The HIVE debating continued this week with a rousing game of “Take a Stand.” Students were presented with a topic statement and had to think about whether they strongly agreed or disagreed or somewhat agreed or disagreed and why. They then had to move their sticky note to the correct column on the virtual whiteboard. Students rotated through a speaker list to share their reasons, back up their choices, and offer rebuttals.

The students also gave some great feedback from last week’s debate. Here are some samples:
“I really wanted to win and I enjoyed being able to argue but not do it in a negative way.” “I like the topics.”“It was fun to see how everybody was cooperative and respective of others’ opinions. It was evident that it was a professional debate and not an argument.”“The debate session was well organized. All the students excelled in cooperation, teamwork and brainstorming.”“The debates were very entertaining and the people who were doing the debating seemed to be having fun too.”

Source:: PSSP & OSSD

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