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This summer, AcadeCoders is taking a virtual approach to learning! Over the summer, we will dive into the coding world using Processing and Python, as well as GoDot and Raspberry Pi. 

Our 8 week program runs from June 22nd to August 14th, and will be delivered virtually using Google Meet. Coders will have face-to-face instructional time with counsellors and complete a variety of guided and independent learning activities using their own AcadeCap email accounts. 

Coders will choose which programming language they would like to learn in, either Processing or Python. 

Why choose Python? Python is a great language for programmers of all levels, its simple syntax and powerful libraries allow the programmer to focus on getting the job done. If you’re interested in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data or cybersecurity, Python is a great place to start.

Why choose Processing? Processing is specifically designed to graphically display code and is targeted towards artists and designers who wish to work with complex data visualization. The way code is written in Processing is very transferable to the code used in common robotics development platforms such as Arduino boards. 

AcadeCoders will run from 9am to 2pm every week day, giving coders plenty of time to enjoy the summer outdoors in the afternoon. 

Each week, counsellors will send home a list of required software and computer requirements to prepare for the upcoming week. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the awesome learning activities we have planned this summer: 

  • Decrypt and encrypt messages 
  • Image manipulation
  • Creating a choose your own adventure game
  • Creating a 3D model 
  • Creating a game in GoDot
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • And more!


We can’t wait to see you this summer!

Please note: We are monitoring the evolving situation and we are awaiting guidelines regarding in-person camp.

About The Author

My name is Shannon Neill and I am currently the Grade 1/2 teacher at AcadeCap. I began my teaching career in 2017 after graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Education, specialized in French Immersion Pedagogy. Since my first year of teaching, I have been working with Grade 1 and 2 students, from Montreal, to Winnipeg, and now Ottawa, where I have been with AcadeCap since 2018. Working with students in Grade 1 and 2 is definitely something special. The students are curious, honest and so willing to learn and share - I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to learn from my students every day!

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