A twenty first century school

What is Acadecap?

A learning community like no other

Académie de la Capitale (Acadecap International School) is an IB World School offering rigorous JK to
Grade 12 programmes.

Our space can accommodate JK to Grade 6 students in the IB PYP in a French as a Second Language (FSL) setting, in an English Hybrid stream or an English only stream.

The Pre-Secondary School Programme (PSSP), for students in Grade 7 and 8, and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, for students in Grade 9 to 12, are offered in English with the option of a French Immersion Certificate and/or a DELF diploma. Students at the PSSP and the OSSD benefit from our overarching 3-tiered 21st Century Core Competencies Curriculum.

1. Critical thinking and problem-solving
2. Collaboration and leadership
3. Agility and adaptability
4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism
5. Effective oral and written communication
6. Accessing and analyzing information
7. Curiosity and imagination

Because, as a learning community, we embody the 21st century core competencies, we were able to quickly develop an effective Telelearning experience for our JK to Grade 12 students during a pandemic. Telelearning will kick in immediately should a mandated stay-at-home event befall.

We teach 12 to 15-student cohorts distanced safely in a well-ventilated open space with stringent COVID-19 outbreak protocols, protective personal equipment and measures in place.

Two outdoor classrooms are available, one pop-up and one permanent.

Our Mission

Académie de la Capitale aims to create a village where consideration, respect and care for others are valued.


Through experiential learning and teaching, and through accurate assessment, it aims to develop inquiry, interaction and innovation as well as academic achievement.


To this end, Académie de la Capitale encourages learners of all ages to acquire holistic learning, to seek answers, to use critical thinking, and to act.

Académie de la Capitale encourages its students to become passionate about learning in all aspects of life, committing to a peaceful and sustainable world.