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Private independent schools are characterized by a culture of support to augment and to enrich the programmes offered to their students today and also, by the spirit of ‘paying it forward’ to future generations.

As a non-profit private school with a charitable status, Académie de la Capitale/École internationale Acadecap International School does not receive subsidy or financial assistance from any level of government. All our expenses, both capital and operational, are funded by the school tuition fees, our fundraising efforts and your donations.

As we wish to continue a 21st century education that transcends borders…we offer various options to support Académie de la Capitale, enabling each and every one in the community to be involved at one’s comfort level. Each and every contribution, regardless of size, is valuable and valued! Each and every form of contribution will appear on our Appreciation Wall.

The next section provides more detailed information about support opportunities. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for supporting Académie de la Capitale and our students as – together – we transcend borders!



Our teachers and students value parent involvement and expertise in the units of inquiry and the field trips. Parents, grandparents, siblings, guests are part of the human resources enriching our interactive and inquiry-based approach to learning.


AcadeQUIZ: Annual Fun Trivia Fundraiser Night (

Match the Donation Campaign: Individual donation of an item matched with equal value donation from anonymous donor.
This year: 10 new Chrome Books for 10 new Laptops


As a registered non-profit charitable organisation, École internationale Acadecap International School is able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations which benefit all students and received in any of the following forms:


Cash gifts are the most common form of support. Cheques should be made payable to École internationale Acadecap International School and directed to the Finance Office.


A pledge is a formal statement of a donor’s intention to make a contribution at a later date, or on an installment basis over a defined period.

Match the Donation

An individual donation of a requested item is matched in kind by an anonymous donor, with the objective of augmenting the number and building class sets of various tech items, musical instruments, and laboratory equipment.


A gift-in-kind may be an item that the school needs and therefore will retain and use – musical instruments, or new technological equipment, for example – or an item the school may opt to sell, the benefit then derived in the form of proceeds from the sale. Under CRA regulation the fair market value of the item must be established, and this may require independent appraisal by a qualified expert, for a charitable tax receipt to be offered.


When individuals donate eligible securities – publicly-traded shares, bonds, mutual fund units, and employee stock options – to a registered charity such as École internationale Acadecap International School, donors are exempt from capital gains under the CRA regulation, The transfer of shares is simple and straightforward – the value of the gift is the value of the shares on the date of delivery.

View a sample calculation.

Use the securities calculator (Excel File).