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Mme Lucie: Director's

Director, Lucie Lalonde, E2-003-0064

Mme Melissa: PYP English

Staff Grade 7-8, Melissa Hall, E2-003-0040

Mme Shannon: Grade 1 & 2

Staff Grade 1-2, Shannon Neill, E2-003-0004

Mr Semiyu: Grade 3&4

Staff Grade 3-4, Semiyu Adegbite, E2-003-0048

Mme Daniella: Grade 5 & 6

Staff Grade 5-6, Daniella Jacques, E2-003-0016


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Staff PSSP-OSSD, Bruno Riel, E2-003-0612

Mme Tabatha: Kindergarten

Staff Kinder, Tabatha Porteous, E2-003-0012

Mme Cecilia: Specialists

Staff Specialist, Cecilia Ruvalcaba, E2-003-0072

Mme Christine: PSSP/OSSD

Staff PSSP-OSSD, Christine Chapman, E2-003-0028

Mme Nicole: PSSP/OSSD

Staff Specialist, Nicole Horbal, E2-003-0628

Mme Lynsey: PSSP/OSSD

Staff PSSP-OSSD, Lynsey Pellew-Nabbs, E2-003-0024

AcadeCamp & AcadeCoders

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Mme Marta: Specialists

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iSTEAM Team's

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