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Reaching Ahead For Extra Credits

The Académie de la  Capitale Difference

Take advantage of Académie de la Capitale’s expertise, approach and rigour to obtain the necessary credits towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma and most importantly to acquire the in-depth concepts, knowledge and skills to keep on learning and to succeed academically at the post-secondary level.

Due to our small daytime class sizes, our educators are experienced at one-on-one teaching and differentiated learning. They know how to ensure every student is challenged at his or her level, strengthens core concepts and masters course content.

For summer 2021, courses will be offered in an accelerated format, allowing students to complete a course in 1 month or 2 months. Students have the flexibility to choose their schedule of instruction within school operational hours of Monday – Friday (except holidays), between 9 am to 5 pm.

Please email courses@acadecap.org to inquire about availability.

Semi-Private courses will only be offered if there is more than 1 student registered for the same course.

During registration, all students must provide a copy of their report card showing successful completion of required course prerequisites.


2021 Session Fee  Private 1 Student
New Credit
Semi-Private (2)
New Credit
Semi-Private (3)
New Credit
Académie de la Capitale $2,800.00 $2,450.00 $2,150.00

Course Roster


  • Grade 09: Principles of Mathematics MPM1D
  • Grade 10: Principles of Mathematics MPM2D
  • Grade 11: Functions MCR3U
  • Grade 12: Calculus and Vectors MCV4U
  • Grade 12: Advanced Functions MHF4U


  • Grade 09: Science SNC1D
  • Grade 10: Science SNC2D
  • Grade 11: Biology SBI3U
  • Grade 11: Chemistry SCH3U
  • Grade 11: Physics SPH3U
  • Grade 12: Biology SBI4U
  • Grade 12: Chemistry SCH4U
  • Grade 12: Physics SPH4U

Computer Studies

  • Grade 10: Introduction to Computer Studies ICS2O
  • Grade 11: Computer Programming, University Preparation ICS3U
  • Grade 11: Introduction to Computer Programming ICS3C
  • Grade 12: Computer Science, University Preparation ICS4U
  • Grade 12: Computer Programming, College Preparation ICS4C



  • English as a Second Language, Level 1 ESLAO
  • English as a Second Language, Level 2 ESLBO
  • English as a Second Language, Level 3 ESLCO
  • English as a Second Language, Level 4 ESLDO
  • English as a Second Language, Level 5 ESLEO


For inquiries and courses in other disciplines or at the college level, please contact courses@acadecap.org

OSSD Credit Course registration for 2021 is ongoing.

Download the OSSD CREDIT COURSES Summer 2021 form.  This form can be filled electronically.