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We have a diverse team

get to know the ACADECAP Teachers & Staff

AcadeCap educators and staff have diverse in-depth work expertise, educational backgrounds and teaching experience. However, espousing a collaborative, inquiry-based approach to learning and to teaching is what brings them together. To ensure students receive the highest quality of teaching in their various subjects, AcadeCap employs specialists from various fields such as Visual and Media Arts, Music, Martial Arts, Creative Movement, Information Communication Technology/ Computer Programming, Engineering, third languages, and others.

Lucie Lalonde, Founding Director, Principal

Lucie Lalonde, Director

Linda Halberstadt, Vice Principal, OSSD English, German, SMILE

Mrs. H, OSSD English Teacher, Vice-Principal, SLT Specialist

Melissa Hall, Vice Principal, PYP English, Events

Mme Melissa Hall, VP, PYP Coordinator, English

Amélie Koch, Kindergarten, Delf


Shannon Neill, Homeroom, PYP & iSTEAM Coordinator, Camps

Mme Shannon Neill, Homeroom, iSTEAM Coordinator

Daniella Jacques, PYP Homeroom, Jiu Jitsu, PSSP

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Grace Li, Mandarin Teacher

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Bruno Riel, PSSP/OSSD Math & Sciences, iSTEAM Coordinator


Talha Tariq, OSSD Math & Sciences

Tahla Tariq, OSSD Coordinator, OSSD Math and Science Teacher

Cecilia Ruvalcaba, Spanish, Art, PSPE

Mme Cecilia Ruvalcaba, Spanish, PSPE, Arts

Christine Chapman, OSSD, SMILE, Administration


Nicole Horbal, Visual Arts, English, SMILE, Administration


Sophie Brunet, PYP Homeroom, Outdoor Education


Kara Jenkins, Admissions & Administration

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Sylvie Drozdowski, Finance Administrator

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Tabatha Porteous, Resource, English, Kindergarten

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Marta Talanczuk, Music Teacher

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Join us

A call for teachers & specialists

AcadeCap is looking for teachers and specialists to collaborate with on our various programmes and course offerings.  If you are interested to supply, tutor or if you have an innovative course idea for our after school programme, kindly send your resume to info@acadecap.org.

AcadeCap welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates.

Our team includes

  • B.A. Psychology + B.Ed.
  • R.E.C.E.
  • B.Sc.+ soc. + B.Ed.
  • B.F.A. + B.Ed.
  • B.Sc.H. + M.Sc. + Mathematics
  • B.A. Chinese Literature
  • M. American Civilization
  • M.Ed. French Language Education
  • B.Sc. Chemical Engineer + M.Sc Engineering
  • PhD Physics
  • B.A. + GTT instructor
  • Renchi Black Belt master instructor
  • M.A. Music Education
  • M.A. fine Arts
  • B.Ed. Preschool and Primary Education
  • B.A. Applied Linguistics
  • B.Ed + M.A. Second Language Teaching