Why Acadecap

Why parents chose Académie de la Capitale

Parent Testimonials

Allen and Edna

“We came to ACADECAP for French immersion summer camp eight years ago and never left. We chose ACADECAP for a variety of reasons, many of which are unique to this school. We like that activities like water-polo, Jiu-Jitsu and violin are simply part of our four children’s school day, leaving evenings and weekends for family time. Other activities our kids enjoy which would be otherwise very difficult to incorporate into our family calendar include skating, skiing, snowboarding, art, Mindstorm Robotics, chess, and dance.

The small class sizes allow for a more individualized approach. Students who are years ahead in certain subjects can remain with their age group and still be provided with advanced material to work on. The hot lunch program offered by Dial-a-chef through the school is amazing and demonstrates yet another aspect of the school’s holistic approach. The kids obviously love the school and often need to be convinced to come home each afternoon.”

Johanna Plamondon and Stephen Budge

“We discovered Academie de la Capitale when our oldest son was just finishing junior kindergarten. He was attending a wonderful, caring nursery school that felt like a second home to him. We were looking for a school offering strong academics and French in a similar nurturing environment. We attended an Acadecap open house, were very impressed, and signed him up. That was almost five years ago. Now, our three oldest children happily attend, with our two youngest soon to follow.

There are so many things we love about Academie de la Capitale. The academics are solid. The IB primary years program ensures a balanced approach to learning. Students are offered many extras they would not find elsewhere, such as coding (even at the kindergarten level) and STEM. Activities such as Jiu Jitsu, violin, and art are incorporated into the daily curriculum. Students become proficient in English and French, but also study a third language (Spanish or Mandarin). Acadecap staff are outstanding. The teachers are engaging, and genuinely care about their students. Students are offered the option of participating in a variety of after­school activities (which have included Minecraft, Lego Mindstorms, math skills, ballet, chess, and band). A delicious, nutritious, hot lunch from Dial­a­Chef is also on offer.

However, of all the reasons for choosing Acadecap, the school environment is what keeps us coming back, year after year. Students of all ages and grade levels are friendly with, and look out, for one another. Everyone treats each other with respect, regardless of age or ability. The dynamic within the school is like that of one big family. Our children feel so comfortable there that they often don’t want to leave at the end of the day. Once, when given the option of missing school for a family activity, they chose to go instead!

We are so pleased to have our children attend Academie de la Capitale, and highly recommend it to any parent looking for a superior education for their child.”

Conlin’s mother

“We were so pleased with Acadecamp’s science camps this summer. Our son loves science, and particularly enjoys experiments and interacting with projects to learn about things. Acadecamp was a perfect fit! It was so great to hear him come home telling us how much fun he had during the day – and also proudly explain new science concepts that he learned as well! The counsellors had interesting ways to engage young minds in new ways each day. On top of the experiments, there was plenty of exercise and activity to keep them busy. Our son has even made a new friendship that will continue on outside of summer camp. Can’t ask for much more than that!”