All Year Camps (Super Saturdays)

SuperSats: The weekend is for learning

Each Saturday features a different subject matter

Featured Enrichment Workshops for Winter 2017

This winter, Académie de la Capitale is inviting various subject matter experts from the Ottawa area to introduce children to new areas of interest outside a traditional school setting.

The SuperSats is open to the public. Please click here for the registration forms. The forms can be filled electronically and sent via email. They may also be printed and submitted in person or through mail. Each workshop is $30. Cash or cheque payments only.

Note: We close registration 48 hours before each session.

Having trouble with the registration form? Please click here to access our online reservation form through Google Forms. Forms will be automatically submitted.

  • Python and Raspberry Pi Day (ages 8-14): As part of our SuperSats Series, we are providing full day sessions of Python and Raspberry Pi. Each session will be split into two parts; the first part being an in-depth lesson on the fundamentals of Python from their first print “hello, world!” to bitwise operators and the second is everything Raspberry Pi. The students will take what they have learned about Python and apply it to being taught the basics of running the terminal to building their own projects. These sessions are intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the Python programming language while applying these new learned skills to build various projects with Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi Showcase (ages 8-14): As part of our SuperSats Series, we are providing half-day sessions to show students who want to showcase Raspberry Pi projects they have built. This is intended to bring the passion of Raspberry Pi to a full swing as enthusiasts have the opportunity to present their projects in front of their peers, outlining various methods used to build it, while having the opportunity to have discussions that can further improve each of their projects. This is a unique opportunity where participants can practice their public speaking skills, which is still essential in the software industry, all while impressing their peers.
  • Moms & Kids Can Code (ages 6-14):Bringing the concept of pair programming to a new level – mom and kids coding! This unique opportunity allows for parents to step into the terminal with their kids and pick up a new coding language. Parents and their children will be taught various industry leading programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, all while spending quality time over various challenges that involve team building and updating their coding tool box – together!
  • Girls Can Code ( ages 8-14): Yes they can and they have, here at AcadeCoders.  We want to continue to build a community of strong girls of all programming levels whether you are just writing your first “hello, world!” to wanting to build your first app. The central issue to tackle is that software jobs are among the fasted growing in the country, yet girls are left behind. While interest in computer science ebs over time, the biggest drop off happens between ages 13-17. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of programming at a young age by exposing them to a variety of industry leading programming languages and hardware tools such as Python, Raspberry Pi,  and JavaScript; combined with presentations from some the leading women in the area that are currently studying computer science or working in the software industry.

Dates and Workshops for Fall 2017

Workshops run from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

September 16th

  • Python & Raspberry Pi Day

September 30th

  • Raspberry Pi Showcase

October 14th

  • Mom & Kids Can Code

October 28th

  • Girls Can Code

November 18th

  • Python & Raspberry Pi Day

December 2nd

  • Raspberry Pi Showcase

December 16th

  • Python & Raspberry Pi Day