4th week update: thank you to our community

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This week marks the 4th week since Acadecap launched its online learning platform. Setting up something new is always challenging, and we can proudly say it has come a long way.

While teachers and staff can be credited for putting the online learning platform together, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our students and their families for making the shift to online learning work. Without your support (and attendance!), all our efforts would have been in vain. After all, we need students to teach.

We thank our students for adapting to the current circumstances and for helping us tweak the online program. Without your attendance and feedback, it would be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the program. We are able to improve upon it because of your involvement. We also thank you for your patience as we test out various platforms and apps to optimize your learning experience. It has been 4 weeks of city-wide connectivity issues, of program errors, of missed Google Meets – we know the frustration was real. We thank you for persevering through all of these (along with fighting the urge to give in to very real distractions) to attend your online classes and submit work when they are due.

We thank our parents for being involved in their children’s learning. One of the challenges in implementing online learning has been enforcing the class schedules. As the days of the week begin to blur, we know that remembering which class is on which day is not easy. We also know it is difficult for children to sit down all day in front of a computer and understand the need for outdoor play and body breaks. Our parents have been recipients of the relentless attendance emails from administration that read, “X is supposed to be attending X class right now.” We greatly appreciate the follow up messages, especially the alerts that come after that read, “X is in class now.”

Our families have been sending us their “working from home photos,” and we will need to make do with these until we can see everyone in person again. Please do continue to send them in! 🙂

We could not ask for a better community supporting us. Thank you.


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