AcadeCamp 2020

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This summer, AcadeCamp is excited to offer a summer in the workforce: Careers in STEAM! AcadeCampers will explore careers related to STEAM. Campers will be exposed to: architecture, forensic science, engineering and aerospace, archaeology and anthropology, chemistry, marine science, physics, and laboratory work.

Campers will also enjoy weekly K2 Martial Arts Jiu-jitsu classes, outdoor activities at the park and splash pad, and meet experts in their respective fields. Activities will be delivered in a bilingual format.

Registration Forms

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Schedule and Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: June 22 – June 26


  • Week 2: June 29 – July 3 (4 days)


  • Week 3: July 6 – July 10


  • Week 4: July 13 – July 17


  • Week 5: July 20 – July 24


  • Week 6: July 27 – July 31


  • Week 7: August 4 – August 7 (4 days)


  • Week 8: August 10 – August 14


WEEK 1: June 22 -26

The Architect

Weaving mathematics concepts into engaging, hands-on construction activities, this week includes a wide assortment of classroom learning-station activities that emphasize construction, geometric challenges, and spatial visualization.

AcadeCampers explore the role of an architect and a builder in cooperative learning tasks. Children work together to refine their skills, learn mathematical concepts, and connect it to the real-life of an Architect.

WEEK 2: June 29 – July3 (4 day week)

The Laboratory Technician

Watching a soapy puddle turn into a beautiful, fragile, multi-coloured sphere is always a fascinating experience. This fascination accounts for the universal and eager interest in bubbles.

This week, campers explore the role of a Laboratory Technician. AcadeCampers will learn through the scientific method, test the technology to create the best bubbles, compare bubble solutions, and try to design the longest-lasting bubble.

WEEK 3: July 6 – 10

The Astronaut

If the Earth is spherical, why does it look flat? Why does the moon change its shape? How can I find constellations and tell time by the stars? In this research-based week, campers explore these and other questions and learn a great deal about the Earth, gravity, and astronomy through the eyes of an astronaut.

AcadeCampers participate in activities that involve real-world sky gazing, observe and record changes in the sky and create models to explain their observations. They will learn about the shape of the Earth and gravity; moon phases and eclipses; and the stars.

WEEK 4: July 13 – 17

The Forensic Scientist

Who did it? In this exciting week, AcadeCampers play the role of a forensic scientist and try to solve the mystery. AcadeCampers will lead hands-on activities similar to those in a crime lab such as: thread tests, powder tests, DNA, chromatography, fingerprinting, and more.

Activities will develop an understanding of the nature of science as they experience the ways that science is like the process of detection. AcadeCampers will develop skills such as: observing, comparing, relating, sorting, classifying, analyzing and evaluating evidence, making inferences, distinguishing evidence from inference, problem solving, and logical thinking.

WEEK 5: July 20 – 24

The Chemist

Creating and designing edible experiments – who knew that chemistry was required? AcadeCampers become laboratory Chemists and creative innovators as they investigate the properties of substances as they make their own personal brands of paste, toothpaste, cola, and ice cream.

AcadeCampers participate in activities that provide highly motivating real-life experiences with chemistry, building student understanding of cause and effect, central to later understanding of controlled experimentation in a laboratory.

WEEK 6: July 27 – 31

The Marine Biologist

Diving into the hidden world beneath our feet, AcadeCampers take on the role of a Marine Biologist as they explore the marvelous ecosystem of the beach. AcadeCampers explore and deepen their understanding of many aspects of the “sandy shore”, from sand to animals to ecosystems.

Working in cooperative groups, AcadeCampers will participate in multiple activities that foster respect for the environment and all living things, and encourage a sense of personal and social responsibility.

WEEK 7: August 4 – 7 (4 day week)

The Anthropologist/Archaeologist

With its tapestry of anthropology, archaeology, and mask-making, AcadeCampers are introduced to the ways archaeologists and anthropologists investigate the past.

Campers learn about Native American and world masks, myths. Children will learn hands-on skills during a multitude of activities such as: excavate tabletop archaeological sites, classify artifacts, and make inferences. The learning activities weave together science, mathematics, archaeology, anthropology, art, language arts, and social science.

WEEK 8: August 10 – 14

The Physicist

In a series of fun and fluid activities, campers explore the ubiquity and properties of liquids using introductory language and simple concepts through the eyes of a Physicist. AcadeCampers learn about the properties of matter and physical-science.

AcadeCampers participate in multiple learning activities that explore properties of matter. They will develop skills through the scientific method such as formulating a hypothesis, testing a theory, observing an experiment, and more.

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