AcadeCoders 2020

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AcadeCoders is a coding and robotics camp focused on introducing campers to various technological disciplines while also ensuring they enjoy physical activities outdoors and through jiu-jitsu classes. There will be a total of 8 weeks, each with its own major focus. The maximum session size is 12 due to the number of available desktops. If a session is full, you may still register; however, you must provide your own laptop. Each session is adaptable for different age groups.

Registration Forms

Registrations forms can be downloaded in PDF and Microsoft Word formats:

Schedule and Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: June 22 – June 26

  • Week 2: June 29 – July 3 (4 days)

  • Week 3: July 6 – July 10

  • Week 4: July 13 – July 17

  • Week 5: July 20 – July 24

  • Week 6: July 27 – July 31

  • Week 7: August 4 – August 7 (4 days)

  • Week 8: August 10 – August 14

WEEK 1: June 22 -26

Title: Creating and solving secret messages

Description/Activity: Using the programming language Python, the AcadeCoders will create a program that will be able to decrypt and encrypt messages. Acadacoders will first learn the basics of programming and will use that knowledge to tackle how to create a Caesar cypher.

Learning Goals: Being able to understand how the Caesar cypher works and applying the coding knowledge gained throughout the week to create a successful program.

WEEK 2: June 29 – July3 (4 day week)

Title: Create your own 3D model

Description/Activity:Using the program tinkercad, the AcadeCoders will create a 3D model. This 3D model can range from a cartoon they enjoy to something that is their own personal creation.

Learning Goal: Being able to understand basic 3D modeling concepts such as extruding surfaces, combining shapes with negative shapes to edit objects to create a 3D work of art.

WEEK 3: July 6 – 10

Title: Creating a game with your own 3D model

Description/Activity: This week is a build up from week 2 and will use the 3D model created in week 2 to be the base model for game. Any AcadeCoders that were not present in week 2 will be given a pre-built model that they can use for their game in week 3. The entirety of the game will be built using a software called GoDot

Learning Goal: Be able to understand the core fundamentals of game design and learn how to implement a working 3D model into a project.

WEEK 4: July 13 – 17

Title: Track Racing Challenge

Description/Activity: AcadeCoders will use a robotics platform to program a robot to race through a track and achieve the best lap time. Each track will become progressively more difficult to maneuver and will provide a learning curve to mastering how motors turn around each track.

Learning Goal: AcadeCoders will learn to program on a robotics platform and understand the functionalities that go behind motor controls.

WEEK 5: July 20 – 24

Title: The magic code behind a screen

Description/Activity: AcadeCoders will go in depth in how to manipulate the pixels on a screen to display various animations and react to inputs from sensors.

Learning Goal: AcadeCoders will understand how pixels are displayed on a screen and how a microprocessor communicates to a screen with the code they will create.

WEEK 6: July 27 – 31

Title: What goes into creating an app?

Description/Activity: AcadeCoders will create a cookie clicker app. While constructing the app the campers will go through understanding what a proper user interface looks like and will understand how to make an app that can be run on their own personal computer.

Learning Goal: AcadeCoders will learn about making a proper user interface. They will also learn the process of turning something they coded into a product they can run on their own personal computers.

WEEK 7: August 4 – 7 (4 day week)

Title: Creative Websites Week

Description/Activity: AcadeCoders will design their own website with their own custom plan and layout for the website. Each website will be locally hosted on the computers and will be something the campers can take home to continue to work on if they bring a USB to put their website onto.

Learning Goal: AcadeCoders will learn HTML and CSS to create their website. They will also understand how to properly structure a website so that the layout is clear to anyone that uses it.

WEEK 8: August 10 – 14

Title: Hosting a server in Minecraft

Description/Activity: AcadeCoders will host their own minecraft servers and apply their own custom modifications. Campers will explore the intricacies of networks and come face to face with challenges on modifying their servers.

Learning Goal: AcadeCoders will learn about server hosting, what is required to connect to a network and how computers communicate with each other.

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