Give a Round of Applause for….                      Our Ted Ed Club Students

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As Year 1 of the AcadeCap Ted Ed Club comes to a close, it is time to celebrate our accomplishments!

In February, we welcomed the opportunity to join an incredible world-wide network of youth public speaking clubs, via the Ted Ed Student Talks Program. This year, our members ranged from grade 1 through 11. Our students were tasked with developing a Ted style talk, in either English or French, on a topic that inspired them. Despite some setbacks this semester, we persevered and even switched to a virtual meeting format during the stay-at-home period. By the end of the semester and 11 weekly sessions later, we had developed our scripts and recorded our talks.

From getting fit, to staying positive during the pandemic, to reflecting on the benefits of learning, to taking action on Black Lives Matter, our students shared their ideas on a range of subjects. Each and every student can be very proud of what they have achieved. Dedicated students connected with their passions, developed their ideas, took risks to try something new, and learned something about themselves as they worked with a mentor to achieve each level of the program. Students practiced using story boards, adding talk elements, public speaking, and effective feedback techniques.

Next year, we intend to build upon our experience by connecting with other clubs world-wide and staging an end-of-year show case for our talks.

Christine Chapman

Source:: MYP & OSSD

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