Hour of Code Activities

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Here are some great activities from code.org especially for the Hour of Code:
Minecraft (new in 2018!)Dance Party (new in 2018!)Make a Basketball Game (new in 2018!)Artist (draw geometric designs with code)Frozen (if you liked Artist and want something similar) Make a Flappy Bird Game (make the bird avoid the obstacles)Classic MazeStar Wars These are some fun activities that use mazes:Kodable Light Bot (requires Flash)For students who have done Hour of Code in past years, who like math, and who are looking for a real challenge:

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Sarah Sumner started to combine her love of working with children with her experience as a computer programmer in 2013, by teaching computer science for the STEM program at Acadecap. She has a B.Sc.H (Mathematics) from Queen's University, an M.Sc. (Mathematics) from University of Ottawa and ten years of software development experience in the high tech sector.

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