Profound learning is possible online, just as it onsite!

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Being a small, independent IB World School, Académie de la Capitale’s dedicated and innovative-thinking team of educators collaborated to put together a well-balanced telelearning platform, in a short amount of time, recreating the school/learning environment, virtually, in order to bring a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times.

Just as it was when learning onsite, at 1010 Morrison Drive, and ever since the school was first established, no learner is left behind! All curricula, activities, clubs, assignments and assessment continue to be differentiated online for all, from our Early Years Toddlers to our secondary school students.

And, foreseeing that remote learning on e-platforms to be the new normal, the AcadeCap/KIDZ telelearning will be available year-round for our students.

So, to find out more about how learning continues remotely at AcadeCap and KIDZ, have a peek at the homeroom teachers and specialists’ blogs updated regularly.  The Director’s Sunday Evening Blog will feature the many facets of our successful telelearning platform.

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