AcadeCoders 2017: Game Design with Unreal Engine 4

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New for summer 2017 and running side-by-side with AcadeCoders Minecraft and Web Development camp weeks is the AcadeCoders Game Design camp! This is open to ages 9 and up.

AcadeCoders 2017 Game Design camp will challenge coders to design and code their own extreme racing game and/or endless runner game. Young coders will learn blueprint (visual scripting) and visual basic, while navigating and leveraging UNREAL: the industry standard game engine used by today’s biggest studios. UNREAL ENGINE is an ideal way to gain a practical feel for code, all the while learning an actual industry skill set, yet it is a big, nay, very big, piece of software. That’s why AcadeCoders 2017 Game Design camp is an in-depth camp experience that allows campers to either come in for a week to build a playable prototype, or to come in for several weeks, and build upon their previous knowledge, refine different aspects of their game, and master different aspects of UNREAL ENGINE.


AcadeCoders is a summer camp, but it’s also a course, and a flexible one at that. Using the UNREAL ENGINE as a way to learn code allows us to create a differentiated learning environment for campers of various ages and coding ability so as to challenge every camper to the fullest. Using UNREAL ENGINE provides new coders with one of the world’s most robust and powerful sandboxes as a setting in which to learn how to code with tangible and immediate results. And it provides more experienced coders the opportunity for exponentially more customization by modifying the UNREAL ENGINE sandbox itself through the engine’s API.

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  • June 26 – June 30
    Racer Environmental Design
  • July 4 – 7 (4 days)
    Racer Design
  • July 10 – July 14
    Racer Visual and Audio Design
  • July 17 – July 21
    Racer Gameplay Exploration and Design
  • July 24 – July 28
    Endless Runner Environmental Design
  • July 31 – August 4
    Runner Design
  • August 8 –11 (4 days)
    Endless Runner Visual & Audio Design
  • August 14 – August 18
    Endless Runner Gameplay Exploration and Design

For more information, please download the ACADECODERS 2017 Game Design Registration Form.

This form can be digitally filled. Filled forms can be emailed to

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