An end of year that was OUT OF THIS WORLD

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To end the year the PHYSICS and PHILOSOPHY students built a Dyson Sphere. . . well, not really . . . but their final exams were thematically linked and considered the implications of building such a structure.

The students felt the need to look towards the future. The last few months have felt like humanity might be moving backwards. There is a future. It’s just not going to be the future we were expecting. For decades scientists had been telling us that we needed to prepare. We now need to innovate faster than we ever did before. Humanity, perhaps like never before in history, is singularly focused on answering the challenge mother nature presented us with. This need for innovation will never go away . . . and that’s not a bad thing.

In the Acadecap Secondary Program, we have always striven to form innovators. We do not teach the material, we teach how to learn the material. This is how our students will be able to face the future. When mother nature challenges us again, or when humanity challenges itself, they will identify what they need to learn, self-teach, and then innovate. Those who approach learning as a collection of factoids will be left behind.

So a Dyson Sphere. Far future possibility. Metaphor for today.

Source:: MYP & OSSD

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