Earth Day 2015 @AcadeCap

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As part of their action for the PYP Exhibition, the students of the 5/6 classroom invited l’Académie de la Capitale to participate in Earth Day this last Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

Specifically, the grades 5 and 6 have organized various activities throughout the day  to create awareness towards specific environmental issues. Here is a list of activities that were held that day:

-Creation of a meatless menu to raise awareness about water consumption and our water footprint.

-For a loonie, students (grades SK-8) were invited to attend a screening of the kid-friendly movie WALL-E which has a strong environmental message.

-Bake sale. The proceeds from the event went towards symbolically adopting an endangered species and/or saving the rainforest.

-Students  signed their names on a piece of 1m x 1m fabric which we will then submit to be sewn into the official Earth Flag 2015.

The Planet is thanking you @AcadeCap students!


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